First Glance at Boudoir

So I have not posted any boudoir work to date,  this will be the first time for anyone to see this side of my work.  The majority of what I do is children, families, and weddings, however I just LOVE this type of photography, its not something I do often so I really enjoy the change.  I can’t tell you how much fun this is, something  you will not regret having done.  I had one done myself ( shot by my talented daughter) and I truly had so much fun and something I am glad I done for myself.  We do not have to have the perfect bodies or be a certain weight to do this, I feel this type of session is more than being just sexy for your guy and presenting him with some amazing photos, but more about you the beautiful woman you are inside.  Women are beautiful creatures and I think we all need to learn to embrace our own unique beauty and flaws.  So here is a glimpse at some of the beautiful women I have photographed, who all so graciously allowed me to show off some of their images.  Thank you girls.

  • Amanda Vallis

    Beautiful work Michelle! I never would have imagined boudoir pictures to be so tasteful and tactful! They’re stunning! A beautiful work of art!ReplyCancel

    • admin

      Thank you Amanda.. that is my main objective, to make it tasteful so thank you so very much!ReplyCancel