Boudoir Ladies



I recently teamed up with Sherri Poirier from Peartree Photography for a Boudoir Marathon.  Sherri contacted me a while back about getting together for this project and I thought ” gee thats sounds like a lot of fun” and that is just what it was.  We started early in the morning and worked into the night to finish up our line-up of beautiful ladies who were all brave enough to trust our vision on what we feel is “Boudoir Photography” many not really sure on what that is??  to me its an expression of femininity and just being comfortable in your own skin. Whether your 120 lbs or 200 lbs, whether your 20 years old or 40.  So many of us women are just plain to hard on ourselves, why can’t we just celebrate who we are today!  not wait for the last 10 lbs to come off  or for our braces to come off, or whatever your excuse may be.  I know many like to do this for their significant other but how awesome is it to just do for You!  Something to remember and be proud of in 2o years time maybe even have some grandkids looking back  and saying wow my nanny was beautiful!  Sherri and I decided to do our own little session the following day.  I have to say it really was so much fun!  I can say I am glad I done this for me! and I am sure Sherri and the other girls feel the same way!  I would love for you gals to leave some feedback on what you thought of this experience!  I loved meeting and working with all of you. Thanks again for putting your trust in us and letting us do our thing! Sherri so glad I have a fellow female photographer to chat with and even more glad that I have made a new friend!  here is a glimpse at some of the beauties we worked with.

  • Lily Mac Donald

    WOW, these pics are amazing. You have captured their inner beauty and outer beauty:):)ReplyCancel

  • Tamara

    I have to say i was very nervous when I got there, but as soon As you popped the champaign open and the music was on ,I started to loosing up and watching the ladies come out with there beautiful hair and makeup made me excited, you ladies made me feel great, lots of guidance on how to pose ,i couldn’t be happier with the turn out .. Gotta say you and Sherri made the perfect tag team .. I had a blastReplyCancel

    • admin

      Thanks so much Tamara for the great feedback! you were so much fun to work with! thanks again for trusting us to do our thing!ReplyCancel