Sherri Poirier | Just for Fun | By Brittany

The day started like every other day spent with Sherri. Tim drops me off late at her place, we get lost in chit chat and this time she tells her her husband Adam says “One of these days I’m going to come home, and Brittany & Michelle will be in our bedroom saying ‘What are you doing here Adam?'”. I’ve been spending a lot of my days at Sherri’s recently because I’ve been helping her with her new website/blog. Although many times we end up not working on anything and just talking business, but it’s a nice excuse to get together and I very much enjoy Sherri’s company! I suppose I should mention WHO Sherri actually is but most of you reading probably already know her because Sherri knows all of Cape Breton. But incase you don’t, Sherri is the owner of Peartree Photography based in Sydney. Her work is amazing and you can check her out on facebook for now, but soon she will have a very pretty blog for you all to see.

Every time we take photos of each other (and it’s usually all three of us – mom included.) we always say we could just do this all day everyday. It’s not just because we like each other, although we do! I believe this feeling comes from sharing the same passion and really¬†seeing the value a photograph can hold. Although we take turns being nervous when getting behind the camera shooting another photographer, we always want to trust each other and let who ever is snapping do what they want. Something magical happens when a person gives you all of their trust and says “Just do whatever you like!”. It allows us as artists show what our true style is and then you get to see us in the photos as well as our subject. It is so important to me as a photographer that when people look at my work they are able to see me in it. Of course I want each shoot to represent and reflect who my clients are but when you put two good things together, great things happen!

I tend to get all over the place when writing, and never have much direction. But to recap our day again, I must add that we had Sherri’s baby boy Milo with us all day. He came to Toula’s for hair and makeup, back to Sherri’s to get changed then to my house (right after the pit stop at McDonald’s for some fries), and lastly down to Flavor for some more shooting. The best part had to have been when we walked into Flavor and literally everyone working came out to see Sherri and baby Milo. Like I said, Sherri knows everyone and it certainly came in handy with we had to duck outside for a few minutes in the cold to grab a few more shots. Even the kind lady that was enjoying a delicious meal said “You can sit him by me if you want!”. I really feel this would only happen in Cape Breton, and only in Cape Breton would it be acceptable. It was funny that the two of us both primarily shoot outdoors no matter how bad the weather is, but we were only outside for about 5 minutes the entire day. Oh and I completely forgot, as the sun was setting and we were about to call it a day we realized it wasn’t enough so we hit up the Library. It was a very quick visit because Milo was hungry, but it was hilarious because there I am taking photos of Sherri from the waist up while she is bouncing Milo in his car seat. Then I need her to sit down, so I take Milo and there I am bouncing him in one hand and changing my exposure in the other hand. I was desperate to get a few more snaps in of Sherri in the beautiful sunset seeping through the window. So thanks to Milo for being a little champ, I only hope I have a baby as cooperative as him!

Thanks for the super fun day Sherri, as well as the french fries, root beer, coffee and many laughs <3