Danielle + Robert | Lifestyle Maternity Session | By Michelle

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with these two lovebirds as we froze some moments in time of Danielle’s final days of pregnancy.  I am not quite sure what it is I love so much about maternity sessions maybe its that magic that is lingering in the air, kind of like the night before Christmas kind of thing.  You can just feel the anticipation and excitement in the newly expectant parents as they are about to experience the most amazing blessing in life.  Danielle and Robert recently moved into their newly built home which was a dream to shoot in.  Its not everyday I get to shoot a lifestyle maternity session and secondly their house was out of a magazine.  ( Great job guys!!)  So of course starting out in all sessions things can seem a little awkward or uncomfortable as I am instructing them to do some everyday normal things in front of me like you know shaving, preparing breakfast and I know you guys hang out cuddling on your amazing staircase on a daily basis. ( NOT)   but seriously once we got going and relaxed into it, I didn’t want to go home.  I am also glad we didn’t postpone like we almost did til after the holidays cause this little peanut came into the world on her due date.  I just knew it was a girl!  I am usually never right with my guesses.  Stay tuned as I will be capturing Layton Kate’s newborn photos very soon.