Lois | Glamour Boudoir | By Brittany

What I love about Lois:

Up for Anything
One of Kind
Down to Earth

Is there really anything else to say? This woman is kick ass, and I’ve loved her quirky self since the moment I met her. I think I’ve used these words to describe Lois on many occasions. Yes Lois, I talk about you to people because I really think you’re awesome. But one thing I didn’t add to that list is that Lois values herself and she loves herself enough to put her needs first by getting these photos done every year. As moms we often feel we need to make our children #1 in our lives for everything. Time passes and sometimes we don’t even remember the last time we did something for ourselves. I know many women often feel like they could never do something like this till they lose the last 5 or 10 lbs of baby weight. However, I’ve watched women step into my studio with those last few pounds of baby weight, the 5lbs of Holiday weight and the women who don’t need to lose any weight. Each one walking in about to vomit, or just feeling like they may pee their pants they are so nervous… But they leave with a sparkle in their eye and spring in their step and for that day I know they felt like they were on cloud nine for a few. They felt hot and empowered. Guess what ladies? It is SO important to put yourself first once in a while or to do something that makes you feel like WOWza. Your husband will thank you now, and your kids will thank you years from now for being such a good example.