Before & After Series | By Brittany

Lately I’ve seen some of my favourite photographers doing before and after series, and thought it would be neat to do the same. We’ve definitely had people ask us what our editing process looks like and although editing can take up a big chunk of our time, our workflow involves many minor adjustments. These include tweaking exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights etc. We spend 90% of our time in Lightroom, and the other 10% is spent in photoshop the odd time when we need to go a little deeper into facial touchups. We want our images to be clean, bright and always natural. We spend very little time smoothing faces, popping eyes or trying to fix in camera mistakes. Bottom line, if we wouldn’t show what it looked like straight out of camera, it’s probably not sticking around or making it to our blog and your gallery. This means if it’s out of focus, has poor composition, limbs are chopped off in the wrong way, we aren’t keeping it. It doesn’t matter how nice our lightroom actions are, or how much we know about editing. If we don’t nail our shots right off the hop, they aren’t worth keeping.

Since this is just our first post about workflow and sharing before and afters, I’d like to keep it simple. If you have any questions regarding our workflow we would love to hear your thoughts so we can incorporate them into our next post.