The Reid Family | By Michelle

Meet Shannon, Ray and Sammie.  They are the sweetest little family, and also happen to be my friends.  Its always a treat to have your friends behind the lens.  It certainly lends itself to a fun filled relaxed session.  I know like most men a photo shoot is not usually on a mans list of fun things to do, but Ray sucked it up and I think he even secretly got into it.  Maybe it was the second time around  shooting with me, maybe the wine.  Sammie killed it with his handsome loveable face and can we take a minute to talk about that gorgeous baby blue blazer.   I mean as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be worn.  I had so much fun digging through your closets ( yes I do try and dress my clients if they allow it).   Shannon you are a true beauty inside and out and your boys are so very lucky to have you in their lives.  As am I to call you “friend”.