Alicia + Kyle | Engagement Session | By Michelle

With a new year approaching I am certainly hoping to make blogging at the top of my resolution list.  I feel Brittany and I both get a big fat F in the department, we both have so much work that has never been blogged ( which makes me a little sad).  However the idea of starting over fresh with a whole new calendar ahead of us certainly feels promising!

I am going to stay current today and show one of my latest engagement sessions with this stylish duo Alicia and Kyle.  Kyle being a guys guy.. is like the majority of the male population when it comes to a photoshoot, Not really into it lets get it done and get it over. However he tagged along for Alicia to have her makeup done by the very talented Toula Sifnakas Joseph and did not once utter a complaint. From cold blustery winds to trusting me in one very sketchy location.  Alicia and Kyle are high school sweethearts and I think that is sweetest.. to see a young love grow and blossom from the early years of BEC’s halls to them now both with successful careers Alicia who I am proud to say is my new Dentist.  I have to say when I read what Kyle had to say about his photo shoot experience it sure put a smile on my face and reaffirms for me that  guys may not really love the idea of having photos done but when you see them it certainly makes it all worth while.  Kyle said ” To be honest I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of getting engagement pictures done but when I saw the pictures of myself and Alicia I realized I was the luckiest guy in the world that she said yes. Thank you Hindhart studios. ”

Kyle I have to agree with you you have a very beautiful lady to walk through life with!  thanks for trusting me and I sure look forward to photographing one of the most special days of your lives. storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard008storyboard012storyboard009storyboard010storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016storyboard017storyboard018storyboard019storyboard020storyboard021storyboard022storyboard023storyboard024storyboard025storyboard026storyboard027storyboard028storyboard029storyboard030storyboard031storyboard032storyboard034storyboard033storyboard035storyboard036storyboard037storyboard038storyboard039storyboard040storyboard041