Behind the Scenes 2015 | By Brittany

Another year is gone, and we definitely think 2015 was one for the books! This post makes us SUPER excited but I’ve also realized a few things when I started putting it together.

  1. My mother takes a LOT of behind the scenes photos of Lakyn and I.
  2. I look absolutely ridiculous in most of these.
  3. I am going to try for some better BTS photos in 2016.
  4. This isn’t even scratching the surface when it comes to our BTS shenanigans. If only we snapped a few of the times we were running out of gas, or pushing our vehicles out of muddy swamps. So many memories.

So mom… I am sorry we don’t have as many photos of you in action, I promise that will change this year! (She really is quite the character when she’s in her groove. So she may regret me snapping me her this year!)


Our girl Becky doing her thing… One of our fave hairdressers in the Halifax area ūüėČ


Our second shooter Lakyn, featuring Brandon from JLF productions… These guys are always fun to work with!


This day was everything… Our first collaboration shoot with Timeless Moments. Such an amazing day, definitely one we won’t ¬†ever forget. This was sort of the beginning of something wonderful in our little wedding industry! I also just realized what was ¬†happening in this photo… Sorry Lena, but we caught you in action!


Mic Jessome… We were so sad to see this girl move to Vancouver in September. She was one of our few go to gals. So talented!


Trinity and the flower van… What would we do without Trinity’s flexibility. I can’t count how many times this woman would ¬†literally drive where ever with a van full of flowers and just make magic happen. Seeing the flower van at weddings always put a ¬†smile on our faces!


Little miss had to join us for a few of our sessions this year… Thankful for a cooperative baby/toddler and close friends who ¬† ¬† ¬†didn’t mind her joining us!


Trekking up to Iona’s highland village!


One of my favourite bridal party portraits happened this day, at this amazing location! Sheena and Dennis had such an awesome   group of people standing by them!


Probably “mid showing Sheena how to pose”.


Lakyn and I discovered that we shoot with opposite eyes… We were blown away for a while.


One of the first few times I got together with Katelyn and Lauren from Elegant Productions. We were scoping spots to shoot for ¬† ¬†Lesley’s big day and visiting the venue ūüôā


Instagraming, Obvs.


This girl has become such a good friend to all of us! I can’t believe we haven’t even known each other for a whole year! Blare June Everybody!


And then this day happened. Such a magical and awesome styled shoot we pulled off. We still haven’t posted these yet because ¬†we are waiting to hear from some publications and blogs about getting it featured. But we promise, it will see the internet soon. ¬†We were very lucky to have Mr.Rice guiding us all day and taking us through the maze of a road to get there.


Krista, Steph and myself working on the table scape.


Not so flattering… but this is usually what we end up looking like!


Start them young!


Tim drove two hours to get crystals for this shoot, that we forgot to pick up… I pretty much owe him my life for this. Not sure ¬†what I would do without the support from this guy. He’s always by my side, picking up my slack!


Posey eating blueberries!


Sometimes, my sneaky side kick joins me as a second shooter. Many people don’t know this but Tim actually showed me a lot of ¬† ¬†the technical stuff when it comes to photography. He basically drew pictures for me so I would understand how a camera works.


Lak-Lou blowing away in the wind.


Meet Jourdan! She is our new Hind Hart gal, and our newest second shooter. She assisted us this year for one wedding, and we    just had to have her!


Okay… Sometimes people think I am CRAZY when I show them some of the spots I want to shoot. But perfect light, in a hole ¬†with clear water was all I could see when I found this spot… I just pretended we weren’t surrounded by mounds of garbage. And ¬†hey, that’s what photoshop is for, right?


Our girl Steph putting together a Bridal Tea Party! Go Thistle & Rice!


There are no words for this one…


Sometimes… ok, most times… I look like this.


Not really sure what was happening here… A little timeout from shooting.


Oh Mexico, you were too good to us. Me probably laughing at these hooligans, I wasn’t their most favourite person this day. It ¬†was 1000 degrees, they were wearing suits and I was making them pose in the absolute WORST spots. (Sorry but I go to great ¬†lengths to get what I want haha)


Lakyn showing us how it’s done… (Sorry Lake, the world had to see your skill)


And sometimes, we kick our feet up and join the party… because why the heck not?


Meet Jenna Chisholm (JMarie Weddings)… She’s been by our side for quite a few weddings this season. This girl is ALWAYS in ¬†go mode, and always there when you need her. I can’t believe we get to shoot her wedding TOMORROW! YAY!


That time I got all dressed up for a shoot in Mexico, only to find myself waist deep in the water. My jumper was a little wet.


Because every man should have an intimate photoshoot with his groomsmen on the beach… Boys, I think you are onto something! Let’s make this a thing!


One of many fitness shoots with Becky!


THE WORST…. The most flies ever attacking me.


Technically this was 2014, but since we didn’t do a BTS 2014. I thought I would add it in… I was pregnant here and literally fell ¬†down a hill. Then I laughed so hard I pee’d in my pants. Oops. #realtalk


Winter 2014 again, from the same shoot… How stylish am I ?


This location was off the wall amazing…


Brittany… posture.


I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful girl’s wedding shower… She is tying the knot this April in DOMINICAN! Can’t wait!


It’s all about being real, and vulnerable right? Well this isn’t embarrassing at all.


Michelle going hard on this AMAZING shoot, yet to be seen by the world.


That time we were “studio photographers”… and had to “test the light”… lol.


Aj and Grace… Your wedding was so special.


Our pretty flower arrangements from the HFX Wedding Workshop. Thanks Chelsea Lee <3


Lauren and Michelle having fun with the Halifax Photo Booth at HFX Wedding Workshop ūüôā