Jaclyn Bishop | Senior Session

By Michelle & Brittany

I can’t even believe it’s almost been a year since we shot Jaclyn’s summer senior session. Most of our seniors opt for two sessions so they can take advantage of multiple seasons and looks. This makes for an awesome variety to choose from when creating an album or folio box. We’ve had an awesome lineup of seniors for 2015, and they are all about to graduate in a few months! So crazy how quick time goes by, we always love walking through the year with these girls and getting to see them more than once for their shoots. Jaclyn was particularly special because we’ve watched her grow up over the years, in fact this was not the first time we shot Jaclyn. She was around in the earlier years of our photography career, and has participated in a few of our crazy photoshoots over the years with our daughter/sister/second shooter Lakyn.

Jaclyn is a sweet girl, and you all know how much we LOVE to photograph red heads! So we definitely had some fun with Jac, we also ventured all over the island from the Clansmen Hotel in North Sydney, to Green Cove in Louisbourg! We were kicked out of a green house (oops!), and even got our car stuck in a swamp in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service. It wouldn’t be a normal senior shoot without something crazy happening. Seriously, Lakyn Jaclyn and Michelle were up to their knees in mucky swamp water and we managed to push the car out. Don’t ask us how we get ourselves into these situations, but it definitely makes for many laughs.

Jaclyn, it’s been a fun year and thank you for allowing us to photograph you in your final year of highschool! We can’t wait to see what the future brings you, we still secretly hope you choose a career in modelling 😉


Brittany & Michelle