5 Reasons Sitter Sessions are The Best Time to Photograph Babies



I want to take a moment to explain exactly what a sitter session is.  Sitter Sessions are for babies approximately 6-10 months old or when baby is sitting securely on their own and before they start to walk. Often parents will plan on getting newborns photos, but sometimes that boat can get missed since a brand new baby is just so much work. What ends up happening if your newborn is older than two weeks, it becomes a lot more difficult to photograph them since they are moving around and awake more often. The next best phase to photograph your baby is when they can sit up! If you have been considering a photography session for your little one, here are 5 reasons this age range makes an ideal time to photograph your wee one.

When a baby is sitting up on their own, outfits can be viewed without the distraction of props and awkward poses. It is much more difficult to pose a baby who cannot sit up, unless they are two weeks old in brand new newborn stage. When a baby can sit up, you have much more variety than if you were to photograph your baby laying down. I should also note that I do have a selection of handmade, adorable outfits in the studio, so there is also no need to stress over what to wear.

Let’s be honest, how many of you mamas have tried to chase your 18 month old with a camera in hand? Those little tots don’t know how or when to slow down! When you photograph your baby before this stage, and all they can do is sit up think about all the time you won’t have to spend bribing and playing chase. At this age they tend to be very easy to entertain and getting those adorable smiles are easily achieved with a simple game of peek-a- boo!

This ties into the first two reasons why a sitter session is the best time to shoot. Most parents don’t realize how long it can take to do even a simple session. Newborn sessions can run anywhere from 3-5 hours due to nursing, and getting baby to sleep. Or when your time is spent chasing your little ones around, time tends to slip away. A sitter session can be done in about 30-45 minutes, and you still end up with a variety of poses! So instead of having to clear an entire evening or afternoon, you could technically come on your lunch break! It’s a win for parents, and babies.

We all know that kids go through the shy stage. Some are scared of men, some are scared of women, and some toddlers just don’t like new people at all. When your baby is at the sitter stage, it is so much easier to connect and get the smiles you want without being that weird stranger your tot doesn’t like.

Lets be honest, babies around 6-9 months are just plain adorable with their chubby little arms and legs, and those big round eyes. This is a time in your babies life you will want preserved.

So there you have it!  Five reasons why the sitting stage is the perfect time to photograph your baby. If you’re interested in setting up a session I’d love to see you in the studio.