Bethany | Portrait Session | By Michelle

I met Bethany back in December when we both joined This is an all women’s gym with an abundance of amazing classes to choose from.  Bethany signed up for an 8 week bootcamp program and she worked her butt off ( literally) and was the winner of the  grand prize.  She was treated to a new outfit, hair/makeup and a photoshoot with me.   I am seeing and meeting so many inspiring women of all ages, shapes and sizes at the gym, they are all working so hard so it got me thinking. I know there can only be one winner for the bootcamp prize but wouldn’t it be great if I could offer this to all of the women at Fit For Life.  I know as women we are often down on ourselves and we don’t truly take the time to love an appreciate ourselves.  I think we all need to feel beautiful even if just for a day! I will be offering this special exclusively for Fit For Life members and staff for a limited time starting April 18th – May 31st.  If your interested in hearing more or would like to book contact me at

Isn’t she lovely?