Lakyn Michelle | Senior Session

This is a particularly large blog post today but would expect anything less? This is the result of two different sessions in two completely different seasons, and many hours of shooting and driving all over the island. Many of you who follow us will know this face but those of you who don’t, this is Lakyn. She is our sister and daughter, and also the other part that makes up Hind Hart Studios. Yes I know there are a lot of us! You can find Lakyn second shooting with us over the summers and whipping up blog posts for us here and there when we need someone to pick up our slack. Thanks Lake! I think it’s fair to say we are obviously a little bias, but regardless these two sessions were magic. I’ll break down where we were for each set when you scroll down, so it will give you a better idea of how all over the place we were. We’ve been talking about what we were going to do for Lakyn’s grad shoot for a while now, and I can’t believe her high school years are coming to an end in just one short month. wow. Lakyn will always be our baby (this coming from her big sis)… Seriously, she’s been called the baby most of her life and I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon, even when she’s off on her own! Not only is she my parents baby, but she is like mine and Tim’s first born too. She has her own room at our place, and even when a spare room was non existent, our couch always had her name on it. It’s amazing the bonds you can form with siblings, I always thought mine and Lakyn’s friendship wouldn’t happen till later in her life because of our age difference but we nixed that idea pretty quick. I think of my sister as an 30 year old trapped in an 18 year olds body, and everyone she meets would have to agree they are shocked when we tell them Lakyn’s age. She is probably one of the most strong willed, level headed and smart 18 year olds I’ve ever met. She thinks long term, cares about her future and wants to pursue her dreams (even if she has more than one). This is the polar opposite of 18 year old me, heck I’m still on the hot mess express. But seriously, Lakyn is my other half and I am beyond excited for my little sister to step out of this chapter in her life and into a new one. I’m honoured that she’s allowed myself and Tim to give her advice over the years, and I’m hoping as she grows she can learn from some of our mistakes when life gets rough.

Lake: Whether you decide to become a doctor, an astronaut, a filmmaker, or you want to explore the world… remember life is short, and every decision you make is probably not going to be the “right” decision or the “wrong” decision. Life is literally a crazy effing journey and all the small choices add up, and luckily, if you follow your gut and your heart it doesn’t matter in the end because all things work together for good!

I love you.

Summer Makeup: Mic Jessome
Winter Makeup: Miranda Mersereau


First stop was Lake-O-Law followed by this adorable little nook at the camp site just around the bend. Blue Romper was an old vintage find that we’ve literally had for years. I think I have photos of myself wearing this when I was 18. storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009Lake-O-Law, you never let us down with your beauty. Shorts and lace top both from Forever21. storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012

30 Degrees in a hot blow up bouncy tent was a time. Overalls from F21, Flamingo top; Old Navy // Shoes; converse.storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016storyboard055storyboard017

Then we hit one of my fave spots on the island, Chimney Corner. Swoon. Two piece playsuit; Forever21.

When you stop in the middle of the road between Ingonish and Cheticamp. Top; Envy // Shorts; boathouse // Shoes; winners.storyboard030storyboard029storyboard031Okay, I lied. THIS is my favourite spot on the island. I’m not going to even try to explain where this is on the map but it’s amazing. Dress; Tobi // Belt; Value Village // Shoes; Forever21. storyboard032storyboard033storyboard034storyboard035storyboard036storyboard037storyboard038storyboard040storyboard042Then we hit Gypsum mines, this was the first time finally visiting this quaint little spot. Bathing Suit; Boathouse // Kimono; Boathouse // Shorts; Levi’s.storyboard056storyboard057storyboard058storyboard059storyboard060Black Lace Dress; Forever 21 // Headpiece; Urban Planet (We are all about the deals you guys).storyboard043storyboard044storyboard046storyboard047storyboard048storyboard049storyboard050storyboard051storyboard052storyboard053storyboard054And then it was winter! Dress; Winners // Jacket; H&M // Necklace; Stella & Dot // Boots; Spring storyboard062storyboard063storyboard064storyboard065storyboard066storyboard067When it’s freezing cold, you search for indoor locations to shoot. We shot this at Salt Spray inside the Holiday Inn. Top; Forever 21 // Skirt; Value Village storyboard068storyboard069storyboard070storyboard071storyboard072And then some more indoor locations. We would hit up Atomic Records, because why not? Beanie; Target // Shirt; Forever 21 // Pants; Forever 21 // Shoes; Converse storyboard074storyboard075storyboard076storyboard077storyboard078storyboard080storyboard081

This set may be my favourite. Do you know how flukey it is to capture a snowfall like this in Cape Breton? It’s like the number one reason brides want to get married in the winter except snowfalls like this are totally hit or miss. Sweater; Noisy May // Jeans; American Eagle // Boots; Target storyboard082storyboard083storyboard084storyboard085storyboard086storyboard087storyboard088Hat; UNIC // Jacket; H&M // Blouse; Suzy Shier // Skirt; Forever 21 // Boots; H&Mstoryboard089storyboard090storyboard091storyboard092storyboard093storyboard094Dress; Forever 21 // Boots; Hunter // storyboard095storyboard096storyboard097storyboard098storyboard099storyboard100storyboard101storyboard102