Posey Turns Two | By her Nan

Our sweet little peach entered our lives only two short years ago and I can not imagine life without her.  She has brought so much joy and love into our hearts with her sweetness.  She is a loving soft hearted little girl but yet has a loud side when she wants.  She thrives on being the centre of attention and loves to perform for anyone who will watch her, from shaking her bum to belting out a new version ( in different voices ) of ABC’s.  She loves music and animals ( especially Bella and Sasha ) the regulars in her life.

I have always wanted a little girl with curls and and thrilled that she is turning into a curly top!  Yay no pink sponge rollers!! I really can’t put into words the bond I have with this little being.  Being her nan is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.  I have heard for years how special being a grandparent is and of course until you are one you really don’t get it. Its kinda like you get to be a parent again only you have way more patience and of course you get to do all of the very best things with them.  Just love them! and oh how I love her!

So here is a little recap of our weekend together. Of course it wouldn’t be complete with out a proper photo shoot. She hasn’t really had any all year other then some random snaps so here she is. Of course a shoot would not be complete without my girl Trinity’s beautiful florals.  http://weddingsbytrinity3.wix.com/trinitysflorals We also couldn’t do a birthday session without a cake and my other go to Jessie Deleski was on vacation in Ireland. So I had to improvise and make one myself, Certainly not one of http://www.cocoapod.ca  but it did the trick and tasted good! Happy Birthday my sweet girl !!