Lauren & Brandon | E-Session | By Michelle

I loved everything about this session. When you pitch and idea to clients you sometimes don’t always know how they will react or think you are crazy! lets be honest sometimes you just get in a same ole routine and you need to spice things up a bit. Well that is just what we did with these guys and I really couldn’t have had a better pair to do it with! They were up for whatever! upon meeting I went right into their bedroom and starting scanning their closet! Thats when you know its going to be good! Its about trust for all parties.. sometimes I second guess many things and I end up playing it safe. This shoot showed me to follow my gut!

So I had a vision of them at home just hanging out and turing up the heat a bit in the kitchen! I think this shoot had the right bit of sexy balanced with the right amount of sweet! They are one of those couples who just have that chemistry thing going on! Lauren loved that I wanted to do the shoot in their home ( it turns out they are homebodies and its their favourite place to be) We also shot on her parents property ( where they will be married) so our locations all had special meaning to them.

One of the reasons I love engagement sessions is giving myself and my clients that chance to warm up in front of the lens.. for them to get to know me and vice-versa. I can happily say I am pumpt for this wedding!! Oh and did I mention its an outdoor wedding ( yay! they are my fave ).