Justin + Nicole | Iona Engagement Session | By Brittany


You know it’s going to be a good shoot when it’s on the verge of major rainfall when you show up to your location. Cape Breton is such an unpredictable place when it comes to planning around the weather. I’ve had to cancel shoots due to large rainfalls and then the sun comes out, I’ve also been rained out on shoots when it wasn’t supposed to rain. It’s the name of the game here and sometimes you just have to roll with it!

I have been itching to get this adorable shoot blogged! We had the perfect lighting, epic location and it makes it so much better when you have a sweet and sincere couple that naturally just giggle at each other. They have the sweetest love story, and the best part was when they told me how they met, Justin said “No, that’s not how it went”. I love how couples always have their own version of the story (Tim and I do as well). Let’s just say for these two there was a little bit of Instagram follow requests and then unfollow requests (haha Nicole…), eyeing each other at the track and some sweet small talk about running in a race. I think when we meet the one we are meant to be with, it’s impossible to not have a little bit of that “high school crush” feeling come over us.

I just love getting to know couples so much and I can’t WAIT to photograph these two again! Only next time, we will be a wee bit more cold, hooray for December weddings!