Happy Halloween | By Brittany

It’s not very often I get around to editing my personal photos the same day I take them, let alone blog them! This is something I am quite ashamed of…Especially when I organize my hard drives and see my “personal” folder filled with raw files that were never even touched. I’ve started turning my phone off on Sunday’s so I can be present with my family and not have to worry about the normal everyday phone distractions that always seem to keep me glued to my phone. With that, I’ve been trying harder to document Posey’s life with my camera and not just my iphone… (I feel silly saying that out loud.)

Tonight was kind of magical for Posey, and her recent obsession with Madeline made her even more excited to get dressed up. I can’t believe I had this costume ready about a week before Halloween (#momwin), since most of my days these past few months have been very rushed, chaotic and flat out busy. I told her all week about Halloween; that soon she would be able to wear her Madeline costume and we would get lots of treats. As we went from door to door, her excitement grew and she would tell people “Your Welcome!”, as we left their porch steps. Tim followed us around in the car blasting Halloween music in the streets, as Lakyn and I basically floated her from house to house. Our friends, family and neighbourhoods are quite spread out these days due to our living situation, so our evening was a bit all over the place. I currently feel like I might be sick due to the large amounts of chips, root beer and nachos I just ate but I am beaming with love for my Posey girl because she “Had great fun!”… Every time we jumped back into the car to go to our next spot, Posey thought we were finished for the night and would say “I had a good day!” or “We had great fun!”… How sweet? These moments are so precious to me and I want to remember every little smile and word that comes out of her mouth.

I hope you and your families had a lovely evening together and your bellies are as full of sugar as ours <3