2016 Behind The Scenes

Even though this blog post is always “scheduled” for the last week of December, it always seems it get’s posted in the new year. Progress not perfection though right? So here it is, the most embarassing post of the year (especially this year). Brace yourself for a few double chins, not so flattering postures and lol’s.

Kicking it back to January 2016, Brittany shooting her first wedding of the year in London, Ontario with hubby Tim!

We LOVED shooting in this space, especially in the cold winter! It’s so nice to have gorgeous indoor locations lined up if you’re having a winter wedding.
The Moxies sign did NOT make an appearance in our photos by the way! haha

I just had to add this photo in of Melissa and Randy… A true picture of what marriage is really all about my friends!

It’s also crucial we shoot in comfy footwear, it may not look pretty but birkenstocks have saved our lives!

Apparently we ruin a lot of our second shooters shots sometimes… Sorry Tim!

Jourdan may be the only one who looks cute when she shoots! By the way, incase you were confused… Jourdan was one of our second shooters but she transitioned into film this season so you’ll catch her snapping pics and filming!

Our BTS wouldn’t be complete without a snap of this crazy awesome lady! Sherri Poirier we love your friendship and your hilarious outgoing personality #photographerfriends

Oh the Bee’s Knee’s… The very first “event” we planned, and it holds a very special place in my heart! I still feel so proud looking back at these memories. (Stay tuned, because we are going to be announcing our 2017 date very soon)

Katelyn Hipson… This girl is one of many amazing people I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the past year and a bit. She is an amazing wedding planner, and has been a great friend and mentor to me! To the left is Katelyn and I (Britt) at The Bee’s Knee’s, she came to speak about wedding planning and we loved having her. To the left is Katelyn in action on a wedding day!

We both had the pleasure of heading to the Dominican Republic this past spring with another splendid lady we crossed paths with, Leslie Marchand from Leslie Estelle Photography! She spent two weeks down there with each of us and we loved having her!

When you try and do a mini session with your bride and groom the day before your wedding in a tropical storm… Not so stormy here but only moments later we were rained out completely! These two were champs and we still managed to snag a few shots despite the horrible weather!

The look on their faces says it all… Who knows what I was trying to orchestrate here.

The brides brother filming some of the hilarious and sweet wedding speeches!
Wedding Crew enjoying the party boat!!

A behind the scenes post would certainly not be complete without showing you what really happens for those “veil in the wind” photos. Sometimes it actually does catch the wind, but most times… This is what we’re dealing with! Miss Lakyn doing her thang with bride Sonya and another lady we love to work with, Becky Chisholm (assistant to her sister, Jenna Chisholm from JMarie Weddings!) and bride Shelby!

If there was an award for funniest BTS photo of 2016, this one would take the cake… Classic groomsmen peeing in the background! This happens more often than you’d think, and we didn’t even realize he was in the shot till we got editing. Also side note: We don’t normally rock socks and sandals + rain boots but we came from a swamp and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to change footwear! haha

Classic squint and shoot and smile at your own camera because your couples speeches are just so sweet!

Helping brides casually walk through a ditch, no big deal!

The woman who never stops creating… Trinity Young! Flower god extraordinaire!

Behind every dress is an assistant making sure the dress doesn’t blow away, fall off the hanger and is in perfect condition no matter what! See mom’s and worried bridesmaids, we got this! haha

A few snaps of some very talented musicians we had the pleasure working with this year. Colin Grant made MANY appearances at our 2016 weddings, along with the Belastrings from Halifax and The Fine Tuners!

This one time I got to bring my sweet girl to a wedding with me that we were kind of guests + photographers at.

Our mother seems to take more BTS shots of us than we do of her… Sorry momma!

Oh the many faces of an “in the zone” photographer!

and in the snow videographer… yep, we were waist deep on this shoot!

What happens after you made a large wedding part stand in the cold for 10 minutes and you tell them “Okay! We’re good to go, grab your coats!”

Mr.Chad Clarke working his makeup magic on the beautiful bride Janel!

When you go HAM on detail shots…

Okay it’s safe to say we went ham on this entire wedding, thanks for all the BTS shots Leslie! You rock!

Lakyn filming her very first wedding, and looking so adorable doing it!

When you act as guests and videographers at a barn wedding… You go barefoot!

Oh my land… No words for this one!

Our girl Toula rocking the first wedding of the summer!

I think I have at least one shot of Jourdan making this face at every wedding… I call this the “Jourdan come let me test the light on you” shot. It’s pretty much a classic now.

When you shoot senior sessions and are in the nauseous and bloated stages of pregnancy… You wear sneakers, yoga pants, and whatever shirt will fit over your little bump… I wasn’t aware I had a mullet though.

Another amazing wedding planner I had the pleasure of working with this summer, Claudia Habbib!

Rain.. What rain? It certainly doesn’t stop us!

2015 Hind Hart Alumni aka our best friends now!

Another hilarious, sweet soul I had the pleasure of working with this year on some other non wedding related projects. She was a guest at her cousins wedding, and well… This is what happens when we’re friends! I thought you might like this Kathleen 😉

Oh Allison Kirby… You are a dream and so talented.

Okay, so this moment melted my heart… The brides best friends mom seeing her for the first time, moments before she walked down the isle!

True North DJ’s!

The beautiful Jenna from JMarie Weddings… I love that her iphone screen is one of her wedding photos 🙂