2017 Hind Hart Bridal Guides

Hey Friends, Brittany here! Although this little box of love, and this blog post is going to be short and sweet, it’s one we are SUPER proud to post! We eased into this whole “Bridal Guide” thing last year, but we wanted to make the warm welcome to our clients even sweeter by adding some of our favourite things. So if you’re a 2017 /2018 #hindhartbride and haven’t yet received one of these boxes, they are on the way my friend! One thing we did differently this year was we decided to make our very own bridal guides. As most of you know by now, mom and I shoot our own weddings so we can serve more brides! Although our styles are very much the same, and we strive to keep our workflow and editing consistent we wanted to showcase our very own work this year. We are still in the process of designing Michelle’s bridal guides but they should be finished and hopefully en route to our amazing wedding couples by March!

Of course good things take time, so for me this meant screwing up the first order of bridal guides that came in TOTALLY pixelated (long story!), waiting to find the most perfect and pretty bottle of bubbly, and minimalist boxes to package everything! Easier said than done when you live in Canada my friend. I either found the perfect product that wouldn’t ship to Canada OR it would cost me double to have it shipped since our dollar is not doing so well right now. The good news though, this beautiful bottle of bubbly is from The Okanagan Crush Pad, located in Summerland, BC and literally the most amazing smelling candles you’ll ever sniff are made right here in Nova Scotia. The Foxhound candles are poured in Truro and can be purchased at their local shop, and many other unique places all over the country. Our simple, grey boxes came from paper presentation and while I am in love with the product I am still on the hunt for a Canadian company that designs similar items. While I am a huge lover of beautiful silk ribbon, it’s actually pretty hard to find here in Canada so I decided to make my own. I hit our local Fabricville on a mission for something that could be easily ripped, looked silk-ish, and inspired me. I went home and literally straightened (yes… with a hair straightener) each strand of ribbon. It gave me great satisfaction you guys! haha. Then lastly, the white crinkle paper…You can never go wrong having too much of this stuff on hand so I ordered 10lbs of it from Uline. It’s currently taking up precious square footage in my tiny apartment but it’s totally worth it!

Last but not least, the magazine itself… I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Katelyn James for making this process so much easier than it would be if I had to start from scratch on this project (heck it took long enough as is). Even as I decided to make my own pages, I was like “whoah. This girl has some drive!”.

Katelyn is a photographer who I’ve been following for a few years, and she is just so good at what she does. Not only is she an amazing photographer but she is a brilliant business woman and educator. Although we’ve never met, and she has no idea who I am she’s provided with me with so much knowledge and game changing business strategy’s, through her courses and blog. Including this wonderful magazine! Thank you Katelyn!

And thank YOU for reading! We can’t wait to get the rest of these guides out in 2017 to our fabulous crew of #hindhartbrides!