Brittany and Posey | A Simple Maternity Session

Well here we are preparing for another little baby! I honesty have not quite wrapped my head around it ( but was the exact same way with Posey) Its so very hard to imagine loving another baby the way I love Posey, but I know I will.  I am kinda one of those obsessed grandparents but sorry just can’t help myself!  So I will apologize now for the overload of pics I am blogging here.

So this little impromptu shoot almost didn’t happen.  Brittany has quite a load on her plate from working full time up until about a week ago to running a photography business , and lets not forget the 4 moves they have had over the course of this pregnancy ( they are in the process of renovating a 100 year old home ) so have been literally all over the place.  So needless to say my girl has been quite exhausted and really not feeling this whole photoshoot thing.  However she had a change of heart and knew she would regret not documenting this pregnancy.  So of course we made it happen.  Her vision was something totally different from what we shot but being due in January in Cape Breton being outside half naked was not happening. So with the thanks to a friend/client of mine she graciously allowed us into her home to shoot this.  I should mention I photographed her newborn baby earlier that morning.  For anyone that knows us well knows what a gong show we are so of course this shoot was no exception.  I am beginning to just embrace it !

I have to say I am in love with how this came together, so simple and pure and most importantly full of love!  Seeing my first baby with her first baby is quite surreal!  knowing how fleeting these moments are I am so glad I could freeze this moment in time!  I can not wait to welcome this little bundle to our lives!