Laura, Easton & Everly | Mom and Me

For anyone who know this lady knows that to know her is to love her!  I met Laura about a year and a half ago ( wow thats crazy feel like I have known her my entire life) at my friends gym Fit For Life.  She was the girl from Halifax who was coming to teach yoga and had quite the reputation ( all good ) and let me tell you she has lived up to it and more!

I instantly felt a connection to this young mama who at the time only had one little.  I remember being in the middle of a very intense spin class and thinking I want to gift her with a photoshoot which I did and ironically enough it didn’t happen til she had her sweet baby girl Everly 5 months ago.  Since meeting Laura she has now become good friends with my daughter and many of her friends.  It really is something to see how someone can impact your life thru something they are amazing at.  I remember coming home from the gym and telling my girls about this instructor and they would laugh at me and think ok mom whatever!!  Til they met her and took her yoga classes.

Since meeting only a short time ago Laura has been behind my lens as well as Brittany’s many times, she is no stranger to photoshoots.  From maternity, family, yoga pics and even some Boudoir she’s experienced it all ( well almost she is also a bride to be).  Laura you are simply glowing in these images with your babies who are so very lucky to call you mom!