The Gillis Family | By Michelle

These are the family sessions that make my heart sing.  All of the right elements aligned perfectly for this one.  The weather  and light were perfect.  The styling was simplistic and stylish, soft and flowy ( moms dress was perfect for capturing movement)  and of course the palette worked beautifully with a beach setting .  These guys also trusted my vision and went along with it all even keeping their little one up well past her bedtime and of course my subjects were pretty photogenic.

I have to be honest here for a moment I used to really dislike family sessions I am not quite sure why.. but I believe its because I had expectations on what my clients expected.  You know those picture perfect poses with every family member looking and smiling at my camera.  Its unachievable most times and in my opinion its not real!  We are not picture perfect families nor should your family photo sessions be.  Once I let go of that mentality and shifted how I want my family sessions to flow.. Boom! magic happened I suddenly really started enjoying the process and my clients have been loving the outcome.  In years to come you want to sit back and look at the fun you had chasing around that crazy two year old or getting soaked and dirty splashing in the water with your kids on a warm summers night.  Its those images that are gonna grab us! They are authentic moments and not something your photographer is going to produce lined up like soldiers looking into my camera.  Ok I know you get the point!! So lets take a look at this sweet family I recently photographed.