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brittI’m Brittany, a twenty something wife, momma and artist who is constantly starting a new project or making a new friend. I thrive off creating new ideas and other people who also love pretty things. I don’t know how I would get through life without coffee. I absolutely HATE hockey and strongly dislike cats (sorry to all my crazy cat loving friends). I am an all or nothing kind of gal so this often works against my health and fitness journey and I secretly not so secretly wish I was a musician or a gymnast. Seriously… I find myself thinking about those two things all the time, but I guess I’ll just stick to live vicariously through my musician friends. And someday I will be satisfied if I can do a backflip, handstand and a muscle up. Anyway, onto my “story”.

I picked up my first camera at the age of thirteen (maybe fourteen?), and I was hooked. That was it, I was going to be a fashion photographer and I was going to be the best this world has ever seen. It wasn’t long before my mother started playing with my camera and then we were both in love. I think way back then I more so liked the idea of being a photographer someday, I wasn’t sure why or what exactly I even enjoyed (other than just the fuzzy feeling taking photos gave me) but it wasn’t too much later in life that I discovered how much I ADORE people. I get so excited when meeting new people, hearing people’s stories, and making connections. When I discovered this, I knew there was no other career in this life that would satisfy my soul like being a photographer. I always thought of myself as an artist and creator, but I never was the greatest painter, designer, and I even sucked at sewing. Despite the fact that I want to crawl out of my own skin when I look back to some of the images I shot when I was 14, 15, 16, and heck even 21, I always knew I had an eye and I always strived to become the best I could possibly be.

So let’s fast forward a little.

I was married at nineteen years of age, and my husband was 20 (yes, we were babies). We moved to London, Ontario only about six months after being married and we started our lives over together in a new city, with new jobs and many dreams we wished to chase. When I left, my mom had already been running her own photography business full time for the past two-ish years (don’t quote me on that number, I am really bad at tracking time). So prior to me leaving, I had already been working alongside my mother, assisting with weddings and collaborating on whatever we could get our hands into, even if it was just for fun. Walking away from that was hard but it definitely pushed me in the right direction and I was forced to go at it alone. So there I was in a new city, with hardly any contacts and definitely no friends but I decided I wanted to pursue my dreams of building a photography business. As I look back now, I hardly feel like I was running an actual business because I had to work full time to support our family while Tim was getting his career off the ground. I worked at Starbucks, and at times I was ashamed and felt like I wasn’t going anywhere in life (what a lie that was). However, that Starbucks job taught me so many important life lessons, and skills that I didn’t have before. I was also introduced to Arbonne, where I can say the same about that business. I was forced outside of my comfort zone in both jobs. I gained confidence, and learned how to approach people without feeling scared or silly (although I endured those feelings many times). Those two years of my life were just HUGE learning experiences and a time for growing, that I am beyond thankful for. Although I could go on and on… and on, about all of the amazing lessons, experiences and people who have impacted my life I will leave it to this: We moved there with nothing, and left with a mountain of knowledge and experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today and continuing to become.

I have been back living in Cape Breton for a little over two years now (or something like that) and I finally feel like I am home again. The first year was spent missing London and the life I left behind, which is ironic because my first year in London was spent crying and hurting because I missed my home. It’s funny how life works like that.

When I moved back mom and I decided it only made sense to become a team. Although this poses many obstacles and challenges for us, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are still figuring out what we love most, and how to even run a business together but through it we learn from one another and continue to grow a little more each day. Not even a year of being home, I found out I was pregnant which made things a little more difficult when trying to grow a business. We welcomed my precious baby Posey into the world last June 13th, and life hasn’t been the same. Talk about learning and growing, a baby changes everything for the better. So I guess what brings is to today, married almost five years to a man who makes me smile everyday, with the most perfect little sidekick at our feet. She does make it a lot more difficult for me to pursue my dreams but she’s also making me work so much harder than I ever have before. I often compare my life to being on a hamster wheel because when you have so many roles in life and you are trying to do twenty things at once you often feel like you are getting nowhere (anyone who knows me well, hears me say this all the time). But I recently heard someone say something like this “Success is messy.” I may spend most of my days trying to get all of my ducks in a row by being the perfect wife, mom, business owner, photographer and I may have twenty projects on the go at any given time (some may or may not get finished). I will probably continue to fail over and over and who am I kidding, I will NEVER have it all together, at least not all at once. I am a “functional hot mess” and I think most of us creatives are. But this is me, and this is my life… Everyday is a gift, and I am continually needing to be reminded of that. Good things take time, but that doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening. I am learning to be patient, and to trust in the plans that God has promised me.

And about the only time when my mind isn’t racing and running wild with ideas, emotions or master plans just so happens to be when my eye is peeping into that tiny little view finder, and a brave young woman, beautiful bride, nervous groom or a pregnant belly is in front of my lens. It’s my zen, and my happy place… where all of life’s worries fall to the wayside. I love being in my zone, and I love when my clients are in the zone with me.



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